Tuesday, April 10, 2018


DON MOYER has a question.

When I took the Race Director duties over for Gasser Magazine, we all were lumped into one class:  GASSERS. I split it into ‘Nostalgia Gas’ and ‘Competition Gas’. It seemed to make sense to separate the cars with the modern advances from the cars that built to be more nostalgic.

Back in the day, Gas class cars tended to have a nose-high stance, which often led to them to being ill-handling.  They fit into ‘Nostalgia Gas’.  Modern Gas class cars have been built with a lower, more stable, stance are fit into ‘Competition Gas’.  These rules are still in effect today.

I recently have assumed the responsibility of caretaker for Byron Stack's Gasser Madness website. Published on that site will be all things Gasser, including Gasser divisions and class identifications. I am interested in updating the rules and I want your opinions.

First, should cars that are ‘tubbed’ run in Nostalgia Gas, or Competition Gas?
Is there a performance advantage for tubbed cars verses cutout wheel-well cars?
Is there a visual benefit from moving tubbed cars to Competition Gas?

The Sixties’ associations rulebooks did not permit tread width to be modified. This is the reason for the question. I am not asking your opinion on how to build a car or what kind of car you like, just where you would like to see them run.


Don Moyer, Race Director