Tuesday, April 10, 2018


DON MOYER has a question.

When I took the Race Director duties over for Gasser Magazine, we all were lumped into one class:  GASSERS. I split it into ‘Nostalgia Gas’ and ‘Competition Gas’. It seemed to make sense to separate the cars with the modern advances from the cars that built to be more nostalgic.

Back in the day, Gas class cars tended to have a nose-high stance, which often led to them to being ill-handling.  They fit into ‘Nostalgia Gas’.  Modern Gas class cars have been built with a lower, more stable, stance are fit into ‘Competition Gas’.  These rules are still in effect today.

I recently have assumed the responsibility of caretaker for Byron Stack's Gasser Madness website. Published on that site will be all things Gasser, including Gasser divisions and class identifications. I am interested in updating the rules and I want your opinions.

First, should cars that are ‘tubbed’ run in Nostalgia Gas, or Competition Gas?
Is there a performance advantage for tubbed cars verses cutout wheel-well cars?
Is there a visual benefit from moving tubbed cars to Competition Gas?

The Sixties’ associations rulebooks did not permit tread width to be modified. This is the reason for the question. I am not asking your opinion on how to build a car or what kind of car you like, just where you would like to see them run.


Don Moyer, Race Director

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Mentor, OH:  Last issue I wrote an introduction as the Race Director for Gasser Magazine.  I outlined what to expect for future Gasser Magazine events.   I wanted immediate feedback so I went onto a couple of email groups and forums.

I received (and am still receiving) lots of feedback.   My intention was not to single out nose-high Gassers and make the show only about them or to exclude any participant from our events. Flexibility and cooperation from everyone will ensure we get it right and keep Gasser Magazine events fun.  Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback and suggestions.

Unfortunately, we can’t pick one specific date in history, or association rules, on which to base our Gasser events.  We’re going to follow the evolution of the Gasser; starting in the earlier years with those cars with the familiar nose-high attitude, moving into the progression of later years, and finally the modern era of Gassers.  To achieve this, we have divided the Gassers into 3 classes.  

CLASSICAL GAS will be the nose high attitude Gassers. Cars with the body/rocker panel higher than the spindle will run in this class.  Classical Gas will run an index system outlined previously.   The index classes are:  A/G 9.50; B/G 10.00; C/G 10.50; D/G 11.0; E/G 11.50; F/G 12.00.

Drivers with cars that meet Classical Gas requirements, but do not prefer index racing are permitted to move to Nostalgia Gas.

NOSTALGIA GAS will include the lower, and therefore more stable, Gassers.  This class will run a handicap bracket where racers will dial in to the tenth.  The track announcer will call this class to the lanes and will sort cars by lane based on E.T. to get the races close together for the first couple rounds.  In other words, 9 second cars in lane 1, 10-second cars in lane 2, etc.

MODIFIED GAS will be the all out new era of Gassers.  Modified Gas class will be limited to 8.90 and quicker.  This class will also dial in to the tenth.  Modern body mods, wings, air shifter etc. will be allowed in this class.   

HOT ROD ELIMINATOR will be open to all entrants that do not have a vehicle that fits the Gasser classes.  The cut off year for this is 1973 per the track.  The no pony car rule is still in effect unless it has radiused wheel wells and a straight axle!  Hot Rod will also dial in to the tenth.

COMPELIMINATOR will be open to all front engine dragsters, altered, and modified roadsters.  This class will dial in to the tenth.


All racing will be on a .500 pro-tree.  As with all cars racing at Gasser Magazine events, no data recorders, delay boxes, two step rev limiters, or N.O.S. systems permissible.  All time trials for Friday and Saturday will be open lanes.


Time trials will run from 10am until 4pm Friday and Saturday.  The Classical AA/GS group will make their exhibition runs at noon and 4pm. On Friday Beaver Springs will continue its Friday night Street shootout, Reunion participants are welcome to enter.  We are looking for a band willing to play Friday night at the track.  

Saturday evening will bring 2 new and exciting events to the Reunion.  First will be a club vs. club race pitting Gasser groups against each other for bragging rights to the Best Gasser Group in 2013.   

Second will be a RUN WHAT YA BRUNG traditional race.  This race is for the show cars.   Format will be heads up, quickest car wins!  Flag start, 1/8 mile competition.  Eighth-mile passes only.1/8.

Run What Ya Brung cars will be required to have seat belts, radiator over flow catch can, battery mounted securely, and DOT tires.  Roadster drivers will be required to wear helmets.  Pre-1964 with the exception of cars that meet the Classical Gas requirements.   This is a great opportunity to get your street-driven Gasser on the track and beat your buddies!

The 2013 GASSER Reunion is shaping up to be the best ever!  It is our goal, with your help, to make Gasser Magazine races the premier nostalgia events.  As Race Director, I am open to all ideas and am willing to modify future events for the betterment of the participants and spectators alike.

Feel free to contact me via email at:  moyergraffiti@aol.com

Don Moyer, Race Director
GASSER Magazine


Thursday, November 15, 2012

2013 Nostalgia GASSER Rules

From Don Moyer:  I would like to formally introduce myself.  Many of you know me as the owner/driver of the Rebel Reaper.  Ernest has appointed me as the Race Director for future Gasser Reunions, Gasser Nationals and other GASSER Magazine events.  I have been to and participated in almost all of the Gasser Magazine events.  My first experience was that of a spectator.  My next was with a show car, and the since then, I’ve been racing.    With that said, my job will be to do whatever it takes to make the GASSER Magazine events grow, and better entertain, the spectators, racers and car show folks alike. We felt there was a need to set up a more concrete description for the all the club’s events.    That way everyone would be on the same page and will have the off-season to get ready for next year.
    Spectators are a very important part of the Gasser Reunion and we want to make them happy.  Knowing that there is a wide variation on the definition of a Gasser, the Reunion’s interpretation of a Gasser is a nose-high attitude (like most of the Gassers ‘back in the day’).  Next year in tech, if your rocker is at/or above the centerline of your front spindle, you will race in the Gasser classes (see above photo).  If your rocker panel (lowest part of body if there is no rocker panel) is below this line, your car will be placed in the Hot Rod classes.  As I said, you have the off-season to make any adjustments required to meet these requirements.
    Each class will have the same track time and the same purse.  The Hot Rod class will be very competitive and will run a dial in system to keep the racing fair.  As for the Gasser class, nostalgia is the name of the game.  The goal of the Reunion is to capture the genre of yesterday’s drag racing.  That means cars leaving the line at the same time and running hard to the finish.  The Reunion will have someone at the end of the track watching for cars that are not running a full pass (no sand bagging).   Racers will have 2 full days to dial your car in to the closest index.  In competition, cars will be in the lanes per index and will only race the same index until there is a champion in each index.  Trophies will be awarded to each index class winner.  Index classes will then run handicap to race for the purse.  If your car meets the requirements for Gasser but you do not like index racing, you can opt to run Hot Rod.  As for the other classes, the AA/GS will be a heads up 5.50 cap 1/8 mile race.  If we have enough registrants, there will be a quick 8, this will be all out racing, fastest wins.  The open class:  roadsters, altereds, and dragsters will also run handicap for their competition.
     There will also be changes to the Saturday evening plans.  We would like to have a friendly competition between Gasser organizations.  This will be a handicap race where members from each Gasser organization compete vs. one another to name an organization champion!  Each participating member will get a winner’s trophy and the Magazine will run a small feature on that organization and award a traveling trophy that will be competed for in future Reunions!  In between rounds, the show cars will also get into the action as we will have a 1/8 mile competition heads up to see who has the fastest street-driven hot rod!  This competition will be capped to pre-1963 year vehicles unless the show car meets the Gasser Class requirements.
      The Gasser Reunion has received feedback from racers and spectators to help in formulating this plan for future Gasser Reunions.  We are very excited about the new changes and hope that we can expand the growth of the Reunion and Nostalgia Drag Racing as a whole!
Don Moyer
Race Director

Friday, October 19, 2012