Thursday, November 15, 2012

2013 Nostalgia GASSER Rules

From Don Moyer:  I would like to formally introduce myself.  Many of you know me as the owner/driver of the Rebel Reaper.  Ernest has appointed me as the Race Director for future Gasser Reunions, Gasser Nationals and other GASSER Magazine events.  I have been to and participated in almost all of the Gasser Magazine events.  My first experience was that of a spectator.  My next was with a show car, and the since then, I’ve been racing.    With that said, my job will be to do whatever it takes to make the GASSER Magazine events grow, and better entertain, the spectators, racers and car show folks alike. We felt there was a need to set up a more concrete description for the all the club’s events.    That way everyone would be on the same page and will have the off-season to get ready for next year.
    Spectators are a very important part of the Gasser Reunion and we want to make them happy.  Knowing that there is a wide variation on the definition of a Gasser, the Reunion’s interpretation of a Gasser is a nose-high attitude (like most of the Gassers ‘back in the day’).  Next year in tech, if your rocker is at/or above the centerline of your front spindle, you will race in the Gasser classes (see above photo).  If your rocker panel (lowest part of body if there is no rocker panel) is below this line, your car will be placed in the Hot Rod classes.  As I said, you have the off-season to make any adjustments required to meet these requirements.
    Each class will have the same track time and the same purse.  The Hot Rod class will be very competitive and will run a dial in system to keep the racing fair.  As for the Gasser class, nostalgia is the name of the game.  The goal of the Reunion is to capture the genre of yesterday’s drag racing.  That means cars leaving the line at the same time and running hard to the finish.  The Reunion will have someone at the end of the track watching for cars that are not running a full pass (no sand bagging).   Racers will have 2 full days to dial your car in to the closest index.  In competition, cars will be in the lanes per index and will only race the same index until there is a champion in each index.  Trophies will be awarded to each index class winner.  Index classes will then run handicap to race for the purse.  If your car meets the requirements for Gasser but you do not like index racing, you can opt to run Hot Rod.  As for the other classes, the AA/GS will be a heads up 5.50 cap 1/8 mile race.  If we have enough registrants, there will be a quick 8, this will be all out racing, fastest wins.  The open class:  roadsters, altereds, and dragsters will also run handicap for their competition.
     There will also be changes to the Saturday evening plans.  We would like to have a friendly competition between Gasser organizations.  This will be a handicap race where members from each Gasser organization compete vs. one another to name an organization champion!  Each participating member will get a winner’s trophy and the Magazine will run a small feature on that organization and award a traveling trophy that will be competed for in future Reunions!  In between rounds, the show cars will also get into the action as we will have a 1/8 mile competition heads up to see who has the fastest street-driven hot rod!  This competition will be capped to pre-1963 year vehicles unless the show car meets the Gasser Class requirements.
      The Gasser Reunion has received feedback from racers and spectators to help in formulating this plan for future Gasser Reunions.  We are very excited about the new changes and hope that we can expand the growth of the Reunion and Nostalgia Drag Racing as a whole!
Don Moyer
Race Director


  1. Still no Pro index races, was hoping for a Pro B class like they had the past 7 years prior to 2010.

  2. Are A arm gassers welcome ,to compete